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How Much Do Typical Car Transport Rates Cost?


While some people may have balked at the idea of hiring someone to transport their vehicles, this belief has certainly changed now. Because living out your entire existence in just one place is the norm, car transport has become necessary. For salespeople, for example, it is often very usual to get uprooted and move from place to place several times in their lives.

If you are just about started in your career and are looking at car transport rates for your move, then read on to learn why getting a basic understanding of how it works can help you save a lot of money. Besides, who wants to blow their entire moving budget on just car transport when there are more things to consider?

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Learn the following:

  • Just how much does typical transport rates cost?
  • What are the factors that affect it?
  • What kind of car transport should you go for?

Cost of Car Transport Is Dictated By Car Size, Type and Weight

Car shipment can be very complex. In fact, how high vehicle shipping rates go is greatly affected car model type, points of destination, and its weight. A big SUV truck normally commands a higher cost, because it occupies bigger space when loaded into a transport carrier as compared to an average-sized family car. These types of trucks are also heavier, making it harder to move. For example, sedans cost about $650-$850 to transport between New York and Florida while large vans and SUV trucks may cost from $900- $1,100 between these locations.

Car type and model is also very important. This is why luxury and vintage automobiles command a much higher car transport cost. These cars must be handled with utmost care and are normally shipped using closed transport, which adds up on overall costs.

The Destination Matters

Pick-up points and shipping destinations greatly affect the cost of vehicle shipping rates, or estimates from interstate moving companies such as http://interstatemovingcompanies.net/. This is highly understandable as distance will mean higher fuel cost. Shipping cars from one state to another will generally be higher as compared to city-to-city shipment. Obviously, car shipment from one country to another is expected to be more expensive. For instance, car shipment from Washington to Alaska is estimated to be, more or less, $1,000 inclusive of an estimated 15% fuel surcharge. On the other hand, shipping cars between the West Coast and Hawaii will normally command an estimated price of $800-$1,400. Get moving quotes now!

Other Important Charges Dictate Transport Cost

Aside from these, there are also a great number of factors that can affect car transport rates and these include insurance, vehicle security as well as temporary storage arrangements.  Pick-up methods, whether it is terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door, will also affect the general cost of shipment.

More than this, the condition of the vehicle to be shipped, whether it is running or not, can also add up to the total transport cost. This is because having it pushed to the carrier truck entails time and resources compared to a car in running condition, which can be driven up the transport carrier. Car that are non-operational are harder to ship, because they get into an accident in the freeway, it is not that easy to move it to another transport vehicle. Because it is inconvenient and troublesome, not all transport companies offer these kind of car transportation services to their clients.